Peak Garage Equipment

Do you take your work home at night?

The new Peak Garage Equipment website, available at, features a wide range of innovative garage equipment designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of automotive repair and maintenance facilities.

We know that many of you work in the automotive or heavy-duty industries because of your passion for vehicles and equipment.  When you go home at night or for the weekend, you are working on your hot rod or your high-end sports car.  We recognized that need. The website showcases a variety of products, including lifts, tire changers, wheel balancers, alignment machines, and more, that are designed to help mechanics and technicians work smarter and more efficiently.

Visit Our Showroom

Peak Garage Equipment is located with our parent company, Indiana Automotive Equipment, at 212 North Main Street, Maxwell, Indiana. 317-408-0243   Visit our website at

Indiana Automotive Equipment building