Construction Division

Buying is just the beginning

Buying new equipment is just the beginning.  Someone still has to handle the removal of the old equipment, fix or pour the concrete, run the piping, and install the equipment.  The good news is that we do it all!

And if you are remodeling or building a new shop, we can help from the beginning to the end of the project.  From CAD drawings and consulting, we are happy to share our experience and expertise gained from our thirty-plus years of experience.  Let us help you avoid costly change orders and delays in your schedule.

Construction services we offer

We define construction as excavation, concrete, piping, and installation.  From replacing a small inground lift in a automobile dealership to working with a construction company on a new school bus garage, we can meet our customers needs by providing in-house services.

  • Decommissioning and removing old equipment
  • Excavating for new lifts
  • Forming and pouring concrete for new lifts
  • Running air and fluid systems with a variety of piping
  • Installing new equipment
  • Moving or relocating existing equipment

Many of our customers benefit from a reduction of costly change orders, ensuring a project that runs on-time and on-budget.