Heavy Duty Division

Heavy duty is just different

If you are a heavy duty shop,  you already know that heavy duty shops are different than automotive shops.  We know that too!  Equipment is bigger, problems can be more challenging, and the solutions can be complex.  We have a dedicated team of professionals – management and techs – that are dedicated to servicing our heavy duty customers.

Whether you are a fire department, school bus garage, trucking company, metro, or just maintaining your own fleet, we have solutions for your problems.  From in-ground lifts to mobile columns, we can help you find a specific product for your specific application.  And we can draw from our years of experience to share what other customers have done to meet their needs.

Our trained technicians are ready to provide you with comprehensive services:

  • Prevent breakdowns and downtime by letting us inspect and maintain your equipment on a regular basis.
  • Expect quick assistance from our trained team of professional technicians when repairs are needed.
  • Get customized solutions for your remodel or new build using our complimentary consultation, design and planning services.
  • Take advantage of one-stop shopping by letting us handle the removal, new concrete, piping, and installation.
  • Avoid costly change orders by getting it right the first time.  Let us share our 30+ years of experience to help you get what you want.

Equipment for HD Shops

Our heavy-duty specialists can help you select the proper equipment for your shop, school bus garage, municipality, or transportation center.  As you know, it is very important to choose the right equipment the first time, especially when budgets are tight.  Mistakes can be costly!

Looking for heavy-duty services? Our HD service techs have worked on many different brands of HD equipment, from mobile column lifts to the largest in-ground lifts.  Call us with any questions you may have or problems you have to solve.

Mobile Column Lifts

Wireless Mobile Column Lifts from Stertil-Koni are truly portable.

They’re safe, secure and certified. What’s more, because no external power source or interconnecting communications cables are are required, the risk of operator tripping is eliminated.

And, set up time is minimal.

Wireless Mobile Column Lifts deliver programmable features and a multi master system with control panel on each column.

Connect up to 32 columns in a set.

They are available in the following capacities per column: 16,500 lbs., 18,500 lbs., 22,000 lbs. and 40,000 lbs. What’s more, each wireless Mobile Column Lift features a full-color, high resolution, 7” touch screen control panel – the ebright Smart Control System. Recharging is easy from any 110 volt outlet.

  • Available in Wireless, Cabled and EARTHLIFT models
  • Rapid lifting and lowering every time
  • Maximum strength with high tensile DOMEX steel
  • Full-color touch screen controls on all models
  • Super safe mechanical locking system as standard
  • Overload protection and synchronization as standard
  • Adjustable pick-up forks

Learn more about mobile columns