Heavy Duty Lifts

Stertil Koni

Lifts for your school bus, HD truck, or fire truck

Stertil-Koni is the undisputed #1 leader in advanced, safe and dependable heavy duty vehicle lifting systems. From bus lifts to truck lifts, they do it all. Their world-class product range includes award-winning mobile column lifts and inground lifts – including piston lifts and scissor lifts – as well as 2-post lifts, 4-post lifts, platform lifts and more.

Mobile Column Lifts

Wireless Mobile Column Lifts from Stertil-Koni are truly portable.

They’re safe, secure and certified. What’s more, because no external power source or interconnecting communications cables are are required, the risk of operator tripping is eliminated.

And, set up time is minimal.

Wireless Mobile Column Lifts deliver programmable features and a multi master system with control panel on each column.

Connect up to 32 columns in a set.

They are available in the following capacities per column: 16,500 lbs., 18,500 lbs., 22,000 lbs. and 40,000 lbs. What’s more, each wireless Mobile Column Lift features a full-color, high resolution, 7” touch screen control panel – the ebright Smart Control System. Recharging is easy from any 110 volt outlet.

  • Available in Wireless, Cabled and EARTHLIFT models
  • Rapid lifting and lowering every time
  • Maximum strength with high tensile DOMEX steel
  • Full-color touch screen controls on all models
  • Super safe mechanical locking system as standard
  • Overload protection and synchronization as standard
  • Adjustable pick-up forks

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